Engagement Date:Wednesday, August 12 2009

City: Guangzhou
Age: 42
Birth Date: 4/5/1967
Weight: 103lb, 47kg
Height: 5'2", 157cm
Measurements cm:
Measurements: 0-0-0
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Marital Status: Single
Children: 1
Religion: None/Agnostic
Smoker: N
Drinker: N
Education: Higher
Job Title: Manager
Years Worked: 5

Self Description: I have an adopted daughter, she is two and half a years old, I adopted her at one orphanage in Chengdu about one year ago, it was a coincidence , I went to Chengdu to attend a charity activity, there are many orphans around us, suddenly a little girl about one and a half years old hold my left leg and called me Mum. I felt very surprised and excited at that moment, you know , nobody has called me Mum , I felt it is God that send me a daughter, so I decided to adopt her at once. Later, the rector told me that she was kidnapped . I felt she was very pathetic. So I decided to try my best to give her a happy family and growing environment. Hope she will feel that the world is full of love and happiness.

Comments: There is a saying: love is a big illusion. Even if it is a illusion, I rather weave a great dream with my love and love him and he loves me. Come on, My prince! Even over the longest distance we can communicate first and I believe the almighty God will help us and I look forward to your call of love from instant to instant.